About us

The Association of “Naxos Wildlife Protection” is a non-profit environmental organization based on the island of Naxos, Greece.
We are a group of volunteers who found their passion and purpose helping and rescuing the wild animals of the island. By operating a first aid care station, we provide help to the wild fauna in need and cooperate with wildlife hospitals around Greece. Our goal is to treat the wild patient in order to reintegrate it back into the wild, in their natural habitat.
But it would be fruitless to release the wild animals back in an unsafe environment, as a result our efforts have widened as we work on numerous projects concerning the protection of the natural habitats of wild fauna on Naxos island, through public environmental awareness, cleanups, building an effective cooperation with the local authorities and more.

“Naxos Wildlife Protection” was born in 2014 after we discovered that sea turtles were being killed intentionally on the island. As a result, we became an association and started working on the protection of wild animals from human impact.
Now, we have the facilities to hospitalize sick/injured sea turtles as a station of ARCHELON-The Society for the Protection of Sea Turtles in Greece and, thanks to the financial support of Cyclades Preservation Fund, created the Network for the Sea Turtle in the Cyclades receiving cases from the neighbouring islands.
In concern to wild birds, we provide first aid care to birds found sick or injured on the island and cooperate with the Aegean Wildlife Hospital ALKYONI, where they are sent for further treatment.

Having witnessed the cruelty against wild animals, we connected our strengths and abilities in order to create a safer environment for them and inform the public, locals and visitors of Naxos island, and make them aware of all the amazing species of wild fauna with whom we share this beautiful island.

We believe that all living beings deserve a free and safe life on this planet and if we all respect each other we can co-exist!

“There may be days when I can’t help an animal in need, but the day will never come that I won’t try.”

— Paul Oxton
Papavasiliou street
Naxos town, 84300

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